Last Night's Walgreens Trip

Now that I've been couponing, my new favorite store is Walgreens. I make a few shopping trips to different Walgreens every week. You'll find that some Walgreens have different things in stock, that others may not have. Also, sometimes one of my Walgreens stores has already been gone through by other couponers, so I go to a different one. I don't shop on Sundays, so sometimes I don't get the best deals. But yesterday was a good trip, here is why:

1st Transaction:
  • Bought:
    • Neuragen PN .17oz 19.99
    • Tena Pads 9.99
    • 11.4 oz Peanut Butter M&Ms 2.50
    • 12.6 oz Peanut M&Ms 2.50
Total Before Coupons and tax: 34.98
  • Used:
    • 10.00/off Neuragen PN (pg 22, just print out that page!, this is from the Diabete's Care Winter Mag. found at Walgreens in the Pharmacy area, I didn't pick it up but I found this printable version on http://www.iheartwags.com/)
    • 2.50/1 Tena
    • $1/2 Mars Candy from 3/20 newspaper
    • $1/2 M&Ms from Walgreens March Coupon Book (found by the ads in store)
Total Payed OOP (out of pocket): 21.91
  • Recieved: $10 Register Reward from Tena
  • $19.99 Mail in Rebate from Neuragin PN

2nd Transaction:
  • Bought
    • (3) Ore Ida 4.75 Frozen Fries-Marked down at my store for .25 each
    • Tena Pads $9.99
Total Before Coupons and Tax: 10.74

  • Used:
    • (2) $4 Register Rewards from last week's Irish Spring deal (they were 2/$6 and I had 2 $1 off coupons, so I payed $4 and got back $4 RR, I did this deal twice)

Total OOP: $0.24
  • Recieved: $10 RR
Notes from the Field:
    *With my first transaction, in order for my Neuragen coupon to work, they had scan the Neuragen first, then scan the coupon, then do the rest of my transaction. I bought the other items to make sure my total was more than $19.99, because I want the full rebate and was afraid that if my total was $9.99, that's all the would send me. I bought the M&Ms because it was the only way to get my husband to go with me.

So, here's the explanation of how I've made money with these transactions:
  • My first transaction was $21.91. I will get $19.99 back with my rebate, so that's $1.92 OOP. Then, I got $10 RR, and because I only spent $1.92 on the Tena to get the $10 RR, I will have made $8.08. However, I have to use that on Walgreens purchases, so as long as I keep using my RR for stuff like this, I will continue to get free products.
  • My second transaction was $0.24. It cost me $8 OOP for the (2) $4 RR from last week. So really this transaction was more like $8.24 and I got $10 RR. So I made $1.76 that I have to spend at Walgreens.

So in total I've made: 9.84 in RR and gotten the following for FREE
  • (2) Tena Pads, which I will donate
  • (2) big bags of M&Ms, which make my hubby happy
  • (3) frozen Ore Ida fries, which also may my hubby happy
  • 1 Neuragen PN, which will be fun to try out
  • (2) Irish Spring deodorants (from last weeks transactions)

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