2 Free Softscrub at Target

Here's how you work the deal:
Softscrub at Target should be priced at 2.49, if it's priced more, sorry it won't be free.

Go to http://softscrub.com/softscrubclub/signup and sign up.
Go to your email and verify your address.
Now sign in, go to "Member Exclusive Offers" and click on "Get It" for the 1.50 off one Softscrub offer.
Now print it off and you get one coupon.
With Bricks Coupons, you can hit back on your webpage a couple of times and get it one more time.
Now you have two $1.50/1 Softscrub coupons.

Now visit http://coupons.target.com/ and click on the $1/1 Softscrub coupon. I found it on the first page of coupons. This is a store coupon, which you can stack with the manufacture coupons you printed out earlier. Now print it out, go back to Target coupons and print it out again.

Now you can go through, do two different transactions because you can only use the Target coupons one time a transaction, and use your $1.50/1 and $1/1 coupons to get a total of $2.50/1 on your $2.49 softscrub! If you want to make sure you get the extra cent, buy something else you need and the extra cent should go towards your other purchases.

Make sure you hand over your Target Store coupons LAST!!! :)

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